Review: Gracetown by San Cisco

Gracetown by San CiscoThe danger with San Cisco’s sunny sound is that it will get stale and tired – but, then again, that sunny sound is definitely the band’s selling point. Gracetown, then, makes a bit of a risk: it mixes things up. The Aussie four-piece has grown up, and realizing that not everything is as happy as it seems, adds a bit of grit to their mix. “Run” starts off with a slight electronic tinge that would definitely stick out in their first record – but then the track that follows it, “Too Much Time Together”, captures their typically bouncy affair. It might confuse people (“what do they want to do, really?”) but credit to the band for making it all sound natural, for making that mix of genres not at all whiplash-inducing. That said, I find their tracks that seem decided on what to do – notably the closing track, the chilled and somber “Just For A Minute” – more appealing. [NB] | 3/5


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