One week of One Direction: Stayed up all night…

“Gotta Be You” by One Direction | So why am I writing about One Direction? For a week? Obviously, it’s their Manila concerts this weekend. You can scoff all you want about how this is merely frothy pop music, or about how the fans are being deadly crazy, but it’s definitely a big deal. At least it’s big enough of a deal to compel me to break format and dedicate a week to a boy band. I’m no stranger to this, though: I was a kid too, and I grew up during the peak of the Backstreet Boys. But pop acts never really did much to me. There were good songs, but it never fostered a frenzy. Girl groups were all about girl power; boy groups were all about girls ogling them. (My sister was a big fan of Blue, and had a particular crush on Lee Ryan.) Or I always had this “don’t be a loopy fan” streak in me. So I listened to 1D’s debut, 2011’s Up All Night, and felt incredibly meh about it. It is generic, especially outside of the singles – at least “What Makes You Beautiful” had good power pop sensibilities in it. Or it might be my tastes. This is going to be one weird week, indeed. [NB] (Update: Yes, this entry initially featured “What Makes You Beautiful”, but I have this rule of not writing about songs twice unless it’s on a list, and I broke that rule. I forgot. I am old. I know.)


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