One week of One Direction: Made memories at midnight…

“You & I” by One Direction | The music video for this song has over 130 million views. Do not underestimate the fan base. No, I’m not. When Midnight Memories came out, I remember going, “man, these boys have grown up so fast,” but listening to the album, again, is a weird experience. The songs are more forceful, a bit more of this time, even, but simultaneously it’s also more of the same. And that’s weird. The lads have grown up, right? They’re now gonna take one of those 130 million girls to prom! Yet Midnight Memories seems to follow the template of its predecessor: opening track kicking off with a copied classic rock riff that’s off one note, some actually interesting tracks, and then everything melting into more of the same. But again, I am not the target audience, nor is this my leaning. Still, I wonder what the fans who’ve been with 1D from the start thought of this. It’s one thing if you’re starting out with this album, and another if you’ve been waiting all your life (to borrow millennial exaggeration) for this. Were they a bit disappointed? Does it even matter? [NB]


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