Review: Hawwah by Gain

Hawwah by GainI gotta hand it to Gain. That woman is brave. And by brave, I mean brave enough to sing about how sex is a wonderful thing to sing about. Nothing unique about that, but please note that she’s from South Korea, and that idols there are expected to be… well, idols. For the most part, they don’t go around singing about sex lest they get criticized for being a bad influence, or worse, banned from music shows. Enough about her old single though. You’d think this is some biblical EP because, well, Hawwah. What I particularly like about the whole thing is the funky, jazzy (not to mention sexy-cute) single “Apple”, where Jay Park lended his awesome rapping skills. That and the choreography for “Paradise Lost”. I’ll call it provocative, for lack of a better term. [SY]4/5

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