Review: Zilch by Pupil

Zilch by PupilI honestly thought we wouldn’t hear from Pupil again. The band took a break when their record label closed; its members have popped up in other projects, most notably Ely Buendia’s supergroup-of-sorts The Octaves. But here we are. Pupil is back, and as sludgy as ever. Zilch is endlessly crunchy, a jolting bounce through a sleazy underbelly, a perspective I never thought I’d miss in local music. Of course, this means the tendency to stay in one lane, but the second half of the album is where things pick up by slowing down: “Cheap Thrill” is introspection with a content vibe, while “MNL” closes the record in a surprisingly raunchy direction. (Also worth noting: the way “Resonate” sort of ended.) Zilch is a bit of a reintroduction to a band that doesn’t quite need one – it’s been five years, after all, since Limiters of the Infinity Pool – and, above all, it proves that the gang is still in fine form. Let nobody get in the way ever again. Or at least for a while. [NB] | 4/5


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