Review: Short Movie by Laura Marling

Short Movie by Laura MarlingThe fact that this is 25-year-old Laura Marling’s fifth album should tell you a lot a bit about what kind of artist she is. A listen to any of those four records should fill in the blanks. The English folkie’s always been more mature than her age suggests, and with each album her explorations of growing up, finding your way and figuring things out get this sheen of wisdom. Short Movie continues the trend: the album was made as she found her way through America, pondering whether she should quit music altogether. She didn’t; the result is an unusually charged record that, while noticeably different from predecessor Once I Was An Eagle, builds from it. It’s not exactly the Laura-goes-electric album, but songs like “False Hope” have an undeniable ripple that suggests angst and resistance, and more so than her previous work – but in the lyrics, both a yearning for the old and an acceptance of the new. We’ve always known Laura to go her own way and defy expectations; Short Movie puts this front and center. [NB] | 4/5

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