Decoding the music of Monocle 24

The Mamamoo track I wrote earlier is on relatively high rotation on Monocle 24. Yep, I’m finally writing about that radio station, three and a half years after its launch, and four months after I discovered its stream no longer drops out every five minutes, and it slowly became one of my defaults. Say what you want about the worldview of Monocle the magazine, but the radio station’s actually an interesting mix: while it’s a shame they recently dropped the hourly newscasts, their speech programs somehow sound more accessible than their print counterparts. This is a music blog, though, so focus on the music: Monocle 24’s the closest I have to an international jazz-pop station. (The bias is on the cool stuff: the jazzy, the folky and the funky, with a bunch of pop remixes thrown in. This YouTube playlist is a pretty handy reference.) Catch is, like the magazine, it tends to emphasize on a few regions. The magazine likes the Nordic countries, Germany and Japan; the radio station likes the Nordic countries, South Korea and Kylie Minogue. I sometimes wish the station would cast a wider net on the world: I’m thinking of the good pop I’m hearing from Malaysia lately, or maybe some Afropop, or (inevitably) the good stuff from Filipino artists like Up Dharma Down and Spazzkid. And maybe more old stuff too. But maybe that’s me projecting my tastes on a radio station that isn’t ought to cater to me. [NB]


6 thoughts on “Decoding the music of Monocle 24

  1. I also like this station. I think they brought back the newscasts atm. And it’s so global, IMO.

    1. I just realized the passage about the newscasts is partly inaccurate (two and a half years after writing this!) — they had dropped the overnight newscasts, which used to be provided by the (Aussie) ABC. Yes, now, it’s back, but inconsistently: some days they have it, some days they don’t, and other days it’s a pre-recorded bulletin repeated throughout our mornings. Not ideal for me.

      At least you caught them now that they’ve (finally) updated their music library, although it still feels too limited to me, also considering the music acts they mention on the magazine every month (disclaimer: I am a subscriber to the magazine now).

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