“Pilitin mong palambutin.”

“Titigas Lalambot” by Masculados | There’s a bit of a change on the blog starting today. We realize that most of the songs we’re writing about have adult themes: love, sex, death, that sort. And we realize we’re contributing to the depravity of today’s young ones, so starting today, we’ll take the massive step of just featuring songs made for the whole family. Like this song about exercise from male group Masculados. Or maybe this one from Mystica, talking about parts of the human body. It’s sad that popular music nowadays has to be so morally backward. Four out of every one song, in fact. Why can’t we use music to teach things to children? We’re here to correct that wrong. We’re taking the first step. We hope all the other musically-inclined websites follow suit. (Update: Happy April fool’s day. Of course.) [NB]

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