“Are you still the strong cowboy if I killed your horse?”

“I Killed Your Horse” by Ingerlise Størksen | First off all, Tina Belcher will not like this song. But no, this song isn’t about an actual horse killing, but a metaphorical one. It’s a love song, all right? All right? Based in Bergen, Norway, Ingerlise Størksen was part of the band Ephemera: she was just 17 then, and this was fifteen years ago. The group got a bit of attention but parted ways ten years ago, and now she returns as a solo artist, preparing her debut record within the year. Morbid metaphor aside, this is actually pleasant: it reminds me of the whimsy of Lisa Mitchell, down to the coo-ey vocal and the simple song structure. But now I wonder what her other songs will be about. [NB]

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