“How could I be in love with that?”

“Locomotive” by Birdforms | And now, as part of this Philippine blog’s efforts to feature more Philippine artists, we turn you over to a recommendation from Camille. She’s based in Singapore (she’s actually doing stuff for Bandwagon Philippines, the local arm of the SG music site) but she’s from here – it’s pretty likely we crossed each other’s paths in La Salle – and she saw these guys live there a few weeks back. There’s little to be said about Birdforms, except that it’s an electro group that pulls off the rare feat of sounding warm. Camille’s particularly keen on “Locomotive”, and I see why: that lovely glitch of the guitar, looping all over, building up to this feeling of introspection that’s not heavy-handed. I’ve had a chance to listen to three other tracks (I’m particularly a fan of “Windows”) and that same quality is present. It’s also worth noting that, as it turns out, I have seen a third of the band live: co-vocalist Nick Lazaro is with Moonwlk, who I wrote about here. Well. I’m not as disconnected as I thought. Or I just got lucky. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)


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