Review: Kindred by Passion Pit

Kindred by Passion PitI honestly don’t see the point of this album. I never thought we’d end up like this. Passion Pit was exciting the first time around, and did some interesting things when their second record, Gossamer, was released in 2011. Now, with Kindred, the indietronica band led by Michael Angelakos decidedly stays in the same lane and offers little to hold attention. Perhaps fans will like the way he swings between anthemic wompy pop and surprisingly slinky soul (“Where The Sky Hangs” is this record’s “Constant Conversations”, but not by a mile) but there’s the sense that you’ve heard all of this before. It’s sunny pop with gloomy lyrics, identified by that weird screech. And it all becomes a blur and, when the record’s over, you forget it ever happened. [NB]2/5


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