“We set the fuse to go, go, go.”

“Cosy In The Rocket” by Psapp | Hi there. I’m back after a week’s break (and another week spent decompressing, which partly explains why Uke Week happened when it happened). And I return to news that they killed McDreamy off. They killed the leading man! Not unusual, but not something a television viewer would expect, especially in a world of shippers and happy endings. As my social media feeds was filled with variations of “fuck you Shonda Rhimes!”, I return to the theme song to Grey’s Anatomy. This is, perhaps, the only Psapp song you’ll ever hear, and while the show’s launched a bunch of other songs to America’s collective consciousness (“Chasing Cars”, for instance), it’s this song you’ll likely associate most with Meredith and gang. But maybe not with George dying, or Izzie crying over a ghost, or Cristina leaving. I’ve only seen the first season. Liked it, then didn’t have the time. As for Psapp, well, they’re still doing stuff, which you should dig into… provided you’re over your wrath or something. You will be. [NB]


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