“Sometimes a wrong turn leads to the right place.”

“Rookie Mistakes” by Briskeby | First, I have to address the fact that, yes, the YouTube comments on this video are about how you can’t really hear the song here, about how “a good music video is supposed to promote the song” and all that, about how this isn’t really about the song, down to the abrupt cut. But, well, I’ll take this, because I’ve been hearing this song for weeks now – two radio stations, at least – and I couldn’t because there’s no official stream anywhere. Anyway, Briskeby aren’t new; they’re veterans of the Norwegian pop scene, making their debut fifteen years ago. They split in 2008 and got back together five years later, and now they’ve churned some new recordings out, like this one. It’s funny, to me. It’s got a nice sound – subtle but catchy – and I’ve heard it in a bunch of places (granted, I listen to European radio stations) but I can’t properly tell you about it. It’s elusive. But trust me, it’s good. [NB]

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