Two minutes with Up Dharma Down: “We have to keep it personal”

Up Dharma Down at the Henderson Waves in Singapore

During the launch of their new single “All The Good Things” on Tuesday night, Up Dharma Down revealed that they’re working on their fourth album, and there’s still a long way to go: they’ve just begun writing songs, and we can expect a release on the first half of 2016. So, in a hit of chutzpah, we decided to interview the band and press them for more details, during a lull from bloggers taking photographs with them and other members of the media interviewing them. What was supposed to be a one-question interview ended up becoming a three-question one lasting a mere two minutes. And sure, this interview (this blog’s first) may not be much, but hey, it’s still a glimpse into how the band is approaching their albums. [NB]

What’s the fourth album going to be like?

Ean Mayor: Umm, ask her. (points at Armi)

Armi Millare: Whoa!

Okay, can you all answer it in your own way? The fourth album. I mean, it’s still matagal pa, but what can you tell us about the fourth album?

Paul Yap: The fourth will be different from the third one. (laughs)

Armi: Yah, parang ganoon. It’s a very generic answer, but it’s a conscious thing, I think, among the four of us. At least as far as we’re concerned, we don’t know what the people will think.

But you’re moving towards the bouncy stuff. I mean, Capacities entered the dance floor and [“All The Good Things”] went further to the dance floor, so…

Ean: It’s because of the electronic, uh, substance, and we’re very, you know, we’re very interested to exploring new things or instruments. Like, for example, Paul, more of bass synthesizers. Si Carlos… so ayun yung pinaka-logical na magiging bouncy, or I don’t know.

Paul: We’re not even sure na it can be slow, but then it can be slow, fast, bouncy, whatnot. One thing for sure is it’s gonna be songs about our personal lives or experiences.

Carlos Tañada: Ever since, from the first album, that’s how we write. I mean, we have to keep it personal. When we wrote our first song, we wrote it for ourselves. We wrote it from our past.

Paul: Wala namang conscious effort na para, ‘o, gawin nating dance’ or something. Natural lang siguro.

Ean: Let’s see where it takes us. It’s a journey for all of us, including the fans.

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