“Sino nga bang makapagsasabing tama o mali ang lahat ng nangyari?”

“Tama O Mali” by Thyro and Yumi | Here is where this three-day tangent goes full circle. It started with a tweet. It led to a bit of digging. And now here I am, discovering that the song I cited a couple of days ago – “No Erase”, the theme from Diary ng Panget that I particularly liked – was written by, well, Thyro and Yumi. They’ve written a bunch of songs for Viva properties – some JaDine songs, as far as my sidebar surfing goes; did they also write “Kakaibabe”? – and, of course, sang a bunch themselves, like this, from a more recent Viva film, Your Place Or Mine. And here is where I tie everything up into a bow. I said a couple of days ago that we automatically sneer at some songs on the mere virtue of it being from a movie, or from a teen idol. But you ought not to deny that there’s talent running through it, the sort that would – should – appeal to everyone if people just put their minds into it. I remember what I said last year: there are a lot of local songs our radio stations can play, and it’s sad that they’re ghetto-ized: the “cool” ones on the English-speaking stations, the “uncool” ones on the Tagalog-speaking ones. This is some properly good R&B. But of course you’d sneer, yes? [NB]


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