“I can fight the tides when you’re on my side.”

“You” by Jen Rogers | Because I’m still in that “write about any local artist you stumble upon to compensate for your past mistakes” mode… say hello to Jen Rogers. You likely know her. I don’t. At least not until last week, when I received another gig invite from Tonet on Facebook, this time the Manila leg of Indonesian act Stars and Rabbit this Sunday. I hate to turn her down again, but I’ve a busy week ahead of me. Anyway, Jen’s from Mountain Province but is now based in Laguna, and her words float like birds and her voice flutters like a butterfly. It’s simple and affective, which makes for a potent combination. So go watch that gig – Sunday, saGuijo, 20.00 – with Dragonfly Collector, Bing Austria, Ian Penn, and this lady warming up. And tell me if you’re not enchanted by her, too. [NB]

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