Swap week two, day one: Niko takes on Red Velvet

Swap Week 2015“Be Natural” by Red Velvet featuring Taeyong | Last September I had Rainy write about five songs that I picked. We called it Swap Week. The deal – especially considering this was her idea in the first place – was that I would write about her five song picks in the future. That time is now. The song picks are inevitably Korean. We begin with Red Velvet’s cover of “Be Natural”, originally done by SES, arguably the first big Korean girl group. (While they blew up in the late 90s, this song was from their 2000 release A Letter From Greenland.) If you’re used to the wham-bang production of most K-pop – consider “Ice Cream Cake” – this is definitely an antidote, but I have to say I enjoyed the original more than the cover. I don’t know. Is it my expectations? Is it me feeling the cover is a bit forced? Is it because they didn’t really change much? What do I know? That’s also one thing you ought to expect in the next week. I may have written a bit about K-pop in the past few years, but my girlfriend is still the expert in this relationship. I am a noob. [NB]

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