Swap week two, day two: Niko takes on Orange Caramel

Swap Week 2015“Lipstick” by Orange Caramel | Rainy’s written about one of Orange Caramel’s later singles, “Catallena”, before, so I already have a good idea of their shtick: aegyo pushed to the extreme. (Which she likes, considering how every K-pop group’s gone sexy now.) She thinks this After School sub-unit could survive on their own. I think their songs would not have as much of an impact without the visuals. Not a slight, but it is the nature of aegyo, isn’t it? Think of Perfume, the Japanese group they’re often compared to. Think of another Japanese act banking on kawaii, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. The songs are tolerable yet admittedly disposable fluff, but it’s the personality (and the visuals) that really sell the song. But then again, I agree with Rainy, about Orange Caramel being able to stand on its own. I mean, I was listening to After School’s “First Love”, which is a good song, but, well… [NB]


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