Swap week two, day four: Niko takes on Ulala Session

Swap Week 2015“Anxious Heart (Summer Love)” by Ulala Session featuring IU | Ulala Session’s a boy band. I know Rainy doesn’t like boy bands (save for Super Junior, for fangirl-y reasons) so this must be something special. The back story somewhat is: the band won TV talent show Superstar K3, during which they battled allegations that lead singer Taq’s having stomach cancer is a particularly elaborate (and fake) sob story. He sadly passed away a couple of years ago, leaving behind a wife and a newborn daughter. This song was recorded before his death, and only resurfaced after some compilation project last year. I initially wasn’t feeling this song – I notice that I tend to feel inconsistent around IU’s stuff – but then it clung to me. And I played it again, and it clung to me deeper. It’s too jumpy for my liking, but there’s an irresistible energy. And then I learn that the music was written by the same guy who did SoYou and JunggiGo’s “Some”, the very song stuck in my head at the grocery a few months back, and the very song that was stuck in my head before writing this. Dammit. [NB]


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