Review: FFS by FFS

FFS by FFSThere’s a song towards the end of FFS, the collaboration between Franz Ferdinand and Sparks, called “Collaborations Don’t Work”. It comes in at a pretty cheeky time: a song that pretty much implores “I’ll be working alone”, rounding off what has been a surprisingly satisfying, er, collaboration between the two groups. Both critical darlings of their time – Sparks in the 80s; Franz Ferdinand in the 00s – the two bands first worked together a decade back, but only managed to put together a record last year. You don’t get the feeling that it’s two bands working together: for most of the record, at least – especially the middle part – they operate as one unit, and you stop going “this is the Sparks part, this is the Franz part” once you get into it. The two groups’ rowdy, slightly theatrical sensibilities work strongly together, resulting in a collection of songs that grows on you as it progresses. But maybe they were correct when they said collaborations don’t work – because this does not sound like one. [NB] | 4/5


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