Review: Sing It All Away by Walk Off The Earth

Sing It All Away by Walk Off The EarthThis might be your thing, but it certainly isn’t mine. But nope, this isn’t going to be a hate review. By all means, Walk Off The Earth – they of that “Somebody That I Used To Know” cover that some radio stations here chose to play instead of the real thing – have a knack for a jubilant pop song, much more twelve of them. Sing It All Away is more of the same from the Canadian group: hints of reggae and dance creeping underneath their indie pop complete with the requisite crowd shout-alongs. It’s just a bit too cacophonous for me: their attempt to sound fun results in a sound that’s muddled and has too much going on. It is when they slow down the pace and tone down the dial – in tracks such as “Hold On (The Break)” – that something shines through. And I’m sure there are similar moments peppers elsewhere in the record. But after 42 minutes, I felt a bit overwhelmed. [NB] | 3/5


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