Swap week two, day five: Niko takes on Standing Egg

Swap Week 2015“Break Up For You, Not Yet For Me” by Standing Egg featuring Park Shin-hye | Standing Egg are an indie act. Rainy told me about them ages ago. I’ve seen a bunch of their albums sold in Taipei. And honestly, I have not picked up any of their songs on my own. It takes a bit of goading, eh? It’s obvious their sound would appeal to me: it’s both warm and cool, and all around authentic. (This also explains my thing for Akdong Musician.) Apparently the idea is to invite singers to do the singing for them, but this song I’m posting is a cover. (Original here.) Actress Park Shin-hye hooked up with the gang and rerecorded this song. So that’s how we end Swap Week: with something a bit more down-to-earth, a bit more organic – for most, the complete opposite of Korean music. Well, if your record stores are stuck with the same old boy bands, how would you know, yes? I was a skeptic of Korean music, primarily because I was only exposed to the fangirly side of it. The past three years has proved me wrong, and now I wish people would just dig deeper than, well, Instagram photos of lead singers with spotlights seemingly shining out of their crotches. Ahem, Rainy. [NB]


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