Review: Coming Home by Leon Bridges

Coming Home by Leon BridgesJudging from his first single, Leon Bridges’ approach is easy to understand: the sprightly, happy, carefree kind of soul that strongly evokes the early 60s, a simple time when wooing is easy and being cheesy is not a bad thing. Coming Home, the debut from the Texan busboy turned soul boy, definitely plays with this a lot: his music rightfully compares to Sam Cooke, with whom he shares an easygoing manner and a cool vocal. As a time machine, it works, but the risk is that it’d sound too from the past to be enjoyed as a modern musical work. He’s definitely not the only person plundering the music of five decades ago, and not everybody of his ilk sounds stuck in the past. Not that it’s a bad thing, but there are a few instances – in tracks like “Lisa Sawyer” and “River” – where Leon takes on a more timeless tactic, and lets his voice shine without the gimmicks. I was hoping for more of that. [NB]3/5


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