“…but they’re chasing them just like me.”

“Roll Up Your Sleeves” by Meg Mac | I first heard of Meg Mac around a year ago. Don’t remember the context – was it a Triple J session, or a concert that Triple J recorded? – but I remember being impressed by her vocals, which both manage to be big and intimate at the same time, and in a different manner than Adele, who has her own niche all sewn up. And then I forgot about her, lost in the haze of all the other songs I encountered. Now, it turns out, she’s getting a push in the United States: it seems every American radio station I listen to are playing this song. (Granted, those stations are the non-commercial triple-As, which means they’re much more adventurous than your KROQs, but there you go.) Is Meg Mac (aka Megan McInerney) bound to be the next big thing from Australia? Lots of acts bubbling from down under and attempting to cross over to the western side of things, it seems: DMA’s is another act getting similar attention, poised to follow the recent success of Tame Impala and Courtney Barnett. Told you, Aussies, they’re up to something. Always have. [NB]


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