“Ikaw lang ang kaisa-isang maasahan.”

“Ikaw Lang” by Julianne Tarroja | I had it all in place. I was going to talk about how lovely the charge is in this track, about how I only really knew Julianne Tarroja from this song when she still only identified herself by her first name, about how this could be a hit if pop radio today still allowed not-so-pop songs on their playlists. And then I learn that this song is a year and a half old, that the music video was released late in 2013, and that in all of this time, I have not heard the song anywhere else at all. I only heard it last week on Jam; I think it was presented as a premiere, tying in with the release (also last week) of her new album, Ashes to Beauty. I know this was in the works for a while, but how come this escaped me? Or, how come I forgot all about it, if I actually did hear this before? Where did we go wrong? I hate myself. But I love this song, and its forward charge, and how cheerful it is. [NB]


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