“Mga problema niya’y kanyang nalilimutan ‘pag siya’y yumuyugyog.”

Great Philippine Song Hits“Annie Batungbakal” by Hotdog | “Ang cliché, [pero] si Annie mismo naging ‘icon’ na.” That was Claud’s explanation for picking this song into the list, and I disagree; it’s no cliché. Iconic, perhaps. I know I’ve been throwing that term around, but it is. This song, along most of Hotdog’s other hits, pretty much defined Manila’s disco culture in the 70s – and also defined what would be called the Manila Sound of the time, centered towards every stage of a dance floor’s life. (I would’ve put in “Bongga Ka ‘Day” solely for the names it drops – a veritable pop history, if any.) Again, the songs of Dennis and Rene Garcia and gang perfectly captured the Filipino mindset of the time, and proves how universal it is – the whole love shebang, going out, having fun… not much has changed, yes? Well, yes. And no. [NB]


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