“Walang ibang mas sasarap sa pagtitinginan natin.”

Great Philippine Song Hits“Awitin Mo, Isasayaw Ko” by VST & Co. | I remember this bit from an Eat Bulaga segment. A contestant was asked a question about this song, and she, in her 20s, didn’t get it right. “Matanda na kasi sila,” she answered, not aware that Vic Sotto, one of the show’s hosts, sang that song. (He wasn’t the original vocalist, but considering the involvement of the Sottos in the band, his entry was inevitable.) She backpedaled; he took it humorously. Yes, VST & Co.’s songs were of their time – definitely patterned after the Bee Gees, but with a particular brand of machismo best exemplified by Spanky Rigor’s bass – but it is also enduring, a reminder of the good times, regardless if it’s one of their many songs about dancing, or their ballads (“Ipagpatawad Mo” could easily be in this list). It also helps that the band’s members were really big musical talents of the 1970s – Homer Flores arranged the group’s distinct sound, and Joey de Leon’s songwriting always had this shrewd sense of pop. As the story goes, this song was on regular rotation at New York’s famed Studio 54, and Diana Ross was really into it. Oh, what could have been. (Thanks to Sudoy for the suggestion.) [NB]

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