“Doblehin ang eight.”

Great Philippine Song Hits“Otso Otso” by Bayani Agbayani | Yep. A bunch of you may wish to forget that all this ever happened, but it happened – and for the first half of the 2000s, songs like this were everywhere, and dominated the radio waves so much that the masa radio station became a pariah to those who claim superior taste. It’s the perfect storm: Lito Camo coming into his own and churning out one song after another, often with vague innuendo, and easily-danceable, child-like melodies; television networks flexing their muscle by putting these songs on flagship noontime shows and radio stations on a daily basis; the fact that we all really want cheap entertainment. So, Bayani Agbayani, then a comedian whose shtick was running dry, became a recording superstar. Musicians were made of (relatively) unlikely celebrities like Vhong Navarro, the Sex Bomb Dancers and the Viva Hot Babes. And then it proved too much, and many feared this was it for Filipino pop music, until the alternative bands of the mid-2000s popped up, and balance was restored. Now we only get the occasional “Cha-Cha Dabarkads”. (Thanks to Carmel for the suggestion.) [NB]

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