“Mas gugustuhin ko pang magpa-crucify kaysa harap-harapan mo akong i-stupify.”

Great Philippine Song Hits“S2pid Luv” by Salbakuta featuring Nasty Mac | There haven’t been a lot of hip-hop hot shots in the Philippines. They’re either seen as copycats of the American template, or thugs whose topics are too street to be appreciated. A few do break out, of course: Andrew E. was one of the earliest to set the template, while Gloc-9 continues to wave the flag today. (Not to mention all the names coming out of the flip-top scene.) Salbakuta’s heydey was in the early 2000s, and their biggest hit – a frank song about unappreciative, cheating girlfriend – captured a lot of imaginations, whether it be the guy on the street (to whom it’s built to appeal to) or the guy in the car. It helps that it is catchy, quite catchy. (Thanks to Ale for the suggestion.) [NB]

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