Review: Communion by Years & Years

Communion by Years & YearsThere are high hopes, or at least something that resembles it, around Years & Years, the electronica trio led by former actor Olly Alexander. Anyone who’s heard “King” or “Desire”, their two biggest singles to date, would sense that there’s something in their radio-friendly club-banging sound. Their debut full-length Communion, however, is quite disappointing. Now, I didn’t come in with really high expectations – Years & Years’ dance-pop is at best a pleasant thing for me – but the record took too long to warm up, churning out tune after tune of what turned out to be a prequel to those two big singles. And I wasn’t watching out for those two songs either. Communion does little to show off what made the British group worthy of excitement (they came in top of the BBC’s Sound of 2015 poll) and, while there is hope that others will see what I don’t… well, to be honest, I think they’ll see things my way, too. Call that hubris, but Communion is, apart from a couple of bright spots (closing track “Memo” is quite gorgeous), tedious and boring. [NB] | 2/5


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