“Sa kislap ng iyong mata, nababasa ko na mayroon pang pag-ibig.”

Great Philippine Song Hits“Magkasuyo Buong Gabi” by Rico J. Puno and Elsa Chan | This wasn’t supposed to be on the list, if I’m to be honest with you. I had “Macho Gwapito” on the initial draft, and then etched it off when it came down to crunch time. But then I listened to this song – it’s so oft-covered, someone my age probably wouldn’t know it’s Rico J. Puno, he who often jokes suavely on television nowadays, who did it first – and realized just how evocative it is. Again, that 70s sound, coupled with a song that could either be about an illicit one-night stand or an everlasting love. And for what it’s worth, the young ones tend to forget (or not even know) the slot Rico filled during his music career’s heyday: the suave crooner, with a voice raspy yet sexy it set people off on different directions. And now you can hear this everywhere, mangled on television ads and covered better by our current crop of singers. But nothing does beat the original. [NB]

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