Review: How Does It Feel by MS MR

How Does It Feel by MS MRThe name of MS MR’s second album really is a challenge. How does it feel? Well, How Does It Feel left me feeling nothing. The New York duo’s sophomore release stays where their debut, Secondhand Rapture is: synth-powered pop with a twinge of darkness, propelled by Lizzy Plapinger’s vocals. Lizzy seems to try extra hard on this album, though: a bit more force than one can handle, and the synths seem to follow suit; the whole thing suffers as a result. Or maybe it’s sequencing: the opening track, “Painted”, cuts right to the chase, not quite setting the right tone (although it is a good song in isolation). The rest slowly nudges away from that precedent – Lizzy sounds a bit vulnerable on “Wrong Victory”, admittedly my highlight – but it does so too slowly, to the point that halfway through the album, I know I’m just phoning it in. By the end, How Does It Feel leaves you blank. Nothing. Not even outrage. [NB] | 2/5


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