Review: Recreational Love by The Bird and the Bee

Recreational Love by The Bird and the BeeIt’s been five years since the Bird and the Bee – Los Angeles duo Inara George and Greg Kurstin – have released an album. That album was devoted to Hall and Oates covers, so make it six years since they have released a record of original material. Since then, the world has moved on, and this results in Recreational Love, their fourth album, sounding a bit stuck in time, and not at all exciting. Sure, the group still does what they do best – a particularly twee take on indie pop, with a heaping spoonful of bendy synths and a gaze firmly fixed on the dance floor – but ten tracks of that prove to be too much in one sitting. And that’s with Inara still sounding as pleasant as ever, although you do get a sense that she’s pushing it more than in previous efforts. Are they trying to catch up with time? Their sound was in vogue a long time ago – five years is a long time in the music world; you all know that, right? – and now a lot of artists have taken that template and pushed its boundaries and made it more exciting, even more palatable to evolved tastes. Recreational Love is nice, fun and frothy in a good way, but it is most definitely an anachronism. [NB] | 2/5


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