“This night sky makes city lights shine like diamonds.”

Great Philippine Song Hits“First of Summer” by Urbandub | I’m 26, and I’m an old person. When I first heard “First of Summer”, the first single off Urbandub’s 2005 album Embrace, it was a very awesome thing: a rousing anthem to summers with friends, the night all yours, that sort of thing. (And then I realize I didn’t really have friends.) Now I listen to the song and think of how irresponsible kids are, of how they all can think of is having fun today rather than stock up for tomorrow. Yes, I am an old person, and yet this song is still the rousing anthem it was ten years ago; a crowd please up to this day, when Urbandub was still around doing gigs, at least with their original line-up. “First of Summer” was the band’s breakout single, although it had attracted a following with their first two albums. The Cebu-based quartet has become known for singing those anthems to rebellion, masking a soft, tender heart inside. And this song – which really is about sex, if you think about it – remains them at their best. [NB]

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