“Umuwi ka na, baby.”

Great Philippine Song Hits“Hanggang Kailan” by Orange and Lemons | Now, here’s another shoo-in on the list from that pool of alternative gems from the mid-2000s. The trajectory of this band was somewhat similar to Up Dharma Down and Urbandub, who we featured in the past few days. Orange and Lemons’ biggest hit, “Hanggang Kailan”, actually came from their second record, Strike Whilst the Iron is Hot. (Incidentally it was their first with a major label, Universal, having released debut 2003 debut under Terno Recordings.) The band wore their sensibilities on their sleeves: 80s indie acts on one hand, the kundiman on the other. It took a song that appealed to a universal sensibility to put them on the top, and that song was one of hopeful longing; it stuck to its aural sensibilities, and was aided, of course, by Mcoy Fundales’ sweet vocals. (It says something that my mother loves this song so much.) Of course, Orange and Lemons would split after their third record, with its members going their separate ways – Clem Castro founded the Camerawalls and is now performing as Dragonfly Collector, while Mcoy also flirted with a solo career before joining the band’s two other members to form Kenyo. I still hear people wishing for a reunion from the band, which says something for one who’s only been here for a short while. A mark made, indeed. (Thanks to Tonet for the suggestion.) [NB]

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