Review: Born in the Echoes by the Chemical Brothers

Born in the Echoes by the Chemical BrothersThe Chemical Brothers have always been known for big tunes, floor fillers perfect for every size or form. But Born in the Echoes, the British duo’s eighth release and their first in five years, suggests that they still had some problems to address: they haven’t quite made an album, but rather, a collection of tunes. Not that anybody minded, but this record addresses an issue nobody thought of, and the results are pretty good. Built (for the most part) like one track, chopped up nicely with proper ups and downs (and a good shot of radio-friendly tunes too, like the single “Go”), Born in the Echoes sounds bigger as a result, an immersive experience finally filtering its way to the casual listener. Not that it always works – the Beck collaboration “Wide Open” really should be in the middle, rather than the end, taking away the bluster of the last minute of “Radiate” – but for the most part, the Chemical Brothers have raised the bar a little bit. Why it took them eight records to do this, though, is beyond me. [NB] | 3/5


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