Review: Star Wars by Wilco

Star Wars by WilcoCats win the Internet, right? And so do legitimately free things. Star Wars, Wilco’s ninth record, is both: a surprise new album, sprung from out of nowhere and given away for free, and its charms all hidden underneath the album art with the enchanting cat. No, I’m not going to talk about the cat a lot. It’s what’s inside that counts, and it’s a weird and wonderful mix, just as you’d expect from the band. After moving towards the pipe-and-slippers kind of comfortable, this time the band kick things up a bit, with flashes of fuzz that otherwise don’t really freak people out, as much as it makes you go “aww” a bit. Well, like the cat. But anyway. “Random Name Generator” reminds me a bit of T. Rex at its glammiest, while “The Joke Explained” gets a bit spacey, even. It does fly by a bit, and not much really pops loudly, but that is the point, perhaps. It’s familiar and yet it is surprising, and it’s a mix that Wilco can pull off. Like, yes, the cat. [NB] | 4/5


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