“Sana naman makikinig ka kapag aking sasabihing minamahal kita.”

Great Philippine Song Hits“Panalangin” by Apo Hiking Society | The boys of Apo have to be on this list, of course, but the question is, which song? Someone merely suggested “that song”, which is the problem here: the Apo Hiking Society’s music is very much deeply intertwined with the Filipino psyche, again, no matter the generation or persuasion. Borne out of a singing group at the Ateneo – imagine how many musicians, across generations, had their start at the Ateneo? – Buboy Garovillo, Danny Javier and Jim Paredes went on to become one of the country’s biggest musicians, with their songs – running the gamut from your typical love songs to ditties on friendship and patriotism – being to soundtrack to so many things over the decades. (This explains the roaring success of the two Apo tribute albums released by Star Records almost a decade ago.) My mother always said that I enjoyed Apo songs a lot as a kid – my earliest memories involve being in Baguio, listening to one of their albums on repeat – and rediscovering their songs the past few years has been a delight. Forgive me if I make a choice based on personal criteria, then. I choose “Panalangin” because of the lovely doo-wop-tinged sound and, of course, those harmonies. [NB]

One thought on ““Sana naman makikinig ka kapag aking sasabihing minamahal kita.”

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