“You make me dance without the music.”

“Dance Without The Music” by Yeng Constantino | I was talking to Camille the other day about the whole “there’s a lot more to good OPM than [indie act]” thing. I was telling her about Zia Quizon and Davey Langit, about how they would sit properly beside Julianne Tarroja and Ian Penn; I also had Yeng Constantino, who just released this single last week, firmly on my head. I know, I didn’t pay much attention to her before, thinking her songs would be pop-by-numbers. But she has proven herself after a bunch of releases, and now I think – and I have said this before – that her music deserves to be heard by more than those who, according to the cool kids, supposedly have no taste in tunes. The problem with OPM’s “death” is that nobody wants you in on the fun. You’re not cool enough to listen to this; you will not understand it. But that act can’t be a big success; that act should not sell out. There’s a lot to work with. Record labels have to give their acts a chance to flex their musical muscles. Yeng got away with it, and here you go. A good tune. A proper tune, you might say. Give her and her ilk a chance, scene kids? [NB]


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