Review: Reboot by Wonder Girls

Reboot by Wonder GirlsI thought they were never coming back, what with Sohee quitting and Sunye getting married. But no. Sunmi, who had to leave the group half a decade ago, is now back, and I hope this is for good. I’d like to believe that Wonder Girls is the group who permanently placed K-pop on the mainstream pedestal. Yes, TVXQ is (way too) popular, but it wasn’t until “Nobody” that the masa started appreciating it more. The music video for “I Feel You” caught me off guard, by the way. It all started with open legs and… ugh, go see it for yourself. It is the sort of track I expect them to release: they’d always had that retro-y image. This time, though, the girls are showing you a more mature side, for lack of a better term. I’m not just talking about the visuals – which is stunning, by the way; I love looking at their thighs. “Rewind” is another track of note. It’s slower, more sensual, although my favorite is the rap part. And speaking of rap, “Back” is a track full of disc scratches and rap and hints of retro. I’m still trying to decide whether I love it not, but I would say that Wonder Girls is putting their best leg forward, for lack of a better term. [SY] | 4/5

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