“You never really understood me.”

“The Big Sky” by Slug | Ian Black was formerly of Field Music, and has now broken out on his own, with his new project, Slug. Well, new is relative here: their debut, Ripe, was released last April. But this is new-ish, only released in the past month: their cover of Kate Bush’s “The Big Sky”. Well, two thoughts. One, you can still hear Kate shining through here. It’s no bad thing. Her songs are genius, more or less. But, two, there’s something sexy about this version. Let’s put it this way. Kate’s original is sung from the vantage point of someone lying in an idyllic English meadow, watching clouds form things, which is what it’s about anyway. Slug’s version is sung from an airplane: there’s something vaguely New Order about it (well, the “Krafty” era), that sexy yet streamlined sound, the right bounce, the right pulse… just right. I should play this when I’m actually on a plane. [NB]


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