Review: I Cry When I Laugh by Jess Glynne

I Cry When I Laugh by Jess GlynneYou probably wouldn’t know it, but Jess Glynne is everywhere, having lent her voice to one of the biggest hits of 2014, and a bunch of other big songs. Her first solo single, “Hold My Hand”, was also such a wriggly earworm that it became a huge hit: a euphoric 90s-evoking anthem of sing-along proportions. Of course, all that has to dry up. I Cry When I Laugh, her solo debut, is serviceable, but like most of her contemporaries, an album of songs built to become hits wouldn’t stand well with time. Yes, it is filled with more 90s-evoking anthems, her big vocals powering through it all. But, again, too much is too much. Although I Cry When I Laugh isn’t built to always be on the up and up, it’s missing texture, leading to a stale, exhausting, even forgettable experience. But, again, hear her songs on the radio alongside a bunch of others, and it will all go down nicely. [NB]2/5


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