“We are unstable, but we are inseparable.”

“Unstable” by Autotelic | I will be the first to admit – and I always have, I believe – that, despite being a so-called music blogger, I have a lot of catching up to do with local music. I don’t know what happened. Did my musical tastes shift? Did my exposures change? How come ten years ago it felt so natural, but now it feels like I’m barging into a party nobody has the intention to invite me to? Anyway, in an effort to play up this so-called blog’s local music coverage I’ve been working on a Twitter list of local acts of all persuasions. Already I’ve seen new releases from indie darlings She’s Only Sixteen and The Miles Experience through that, but today I’m writing about Autotelic, because I have seen them live once. I still think they could be a really big thing if they debuted ten years ago. Their sound reminds me of the accessible kind of pop-rock that permeated the time, but smart and well-observed. You’ve likely heard this song live. I might have; I don’t recall. It is, again, smart, the confused message slyly undercut by that vaguely disco-y rhythm. It really could cut through, but then again, in the past ten years the party ceased to be for anybody who’s interested, so this sort of thing, sadly, remains mostly undiscovered. [NB]


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