“And now, here comes the sun.”

“Dream Lover” by Destroyer | I am a sucker for horns. But you all know that. So here I am, enjoying the first single off Poison Season, the latest from Dan Bejar’s not-quite-side project Destroyer, which also happens to be coming out in a couple of days. I know, I have a lot of his records to trawl, and it’s likely I’ve heard his stuff without connecting the dots. (Such is the nature of radio.) Also, isn’t this a lovely song? I mean, the words. It’s a bit YOLO if you think about it – well, to be more specific, it’s the sort of “fuck it” that gives you the good kind of butterfly in the belly. Like when I found myself with a girlfriend. That sort. The horns, you know. It goes blam on you, rainbows and… okay, that’s enough cheese in the morning. [NB]


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