Review: Honeymoon by Jensen and the Flips

Honeymoon by Jensen and the FlipsMaybe it’s the weather when I listened to the record. Monday night, cool weather, with the worst of the rains long over but the idea of a few showers still lingering by. I wasn’t on the road, but rather on bed, doing some writing. Jensen and the Flips’ Honeymoon, their debut LP, slotted into that mindset quite well: 47 minutes of sprawling funk-flavored jazz-licked alternative, of pretty tight musicianship and astute words, enough (or more so) to get you shuffling your butt in your car seat. Of course, I wish it did better transitions: while not completely uneven, I felt the tracks jumped around a bit too much considering the genre’s characteristics. But that’s a minor quibble. The record is cohesive enough, but the sequencing builds up to the apparent crowd favorite “Borrowed”, a quiet closer that feels like a proper pay-off, if anything. [NB]4/5


3 thoughts on “Review: Honeymoon by Jensen and the Flips

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