Review: We Were Here by Boy

We Were Here by BoyThe opening track (and lead single, and title track) to Boy’s second album We Were Here speaks of marks that remain in particular places despite reality no longer reflecting it. It also is a bit of a nod to what the Swiss-German duo’s new release is all about. Sure, their 2011 debut Mutual Friends also traded in the contemplative (although it had the more straightforward pop of “Little Numbers”), but We Were Here sticks firmly in the quiet. It’s not a bad thing: they play up the quiet, so to speak, a side that inevitably got drowned out in the first record. The result is a record where, perhaps intentionally or otherwise, nothing sticks. You can say it’s beauty is in the ethereal, the lingering nature of the songs, the sort that you have to capture in the moment; I get that impression down to the transitions. You can also say it’s a one-track record that suffers from a lack of texture. I’ll say it’s a grower, not enough for one listen. [NB] | 3/5


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