Wanderland? GoodVybes? We figure out which indie festival you should go to with what little we know

[Updated after the cut with Wanderland revealing a headliner.] Concert goers of an indie persuasion are set to have a field day next year. All of a sudden, we have two music festivals aiming for their so-cool-it-hurts hearts.

Wanderland is returning this March for the fourth year in a row, promising more indie goodness, this time in a spaceship-shaped box. But they’re no longer alone in the field. A few weeks back GoodVybes Festival said hello, promising to target the same demographic (pretty much) but only two weeks earlier. Lots of fun for the indie kids – and for people like us, too, who can smell a rivalry brewing.

So, here we are, pitting the two music festivals against each other. Okay, they may be sister festivals, for all we know. (You never know.) Also, we will be the first to admit that we don’t know much. We’ve only heard stories, and we’re looking obsessively at Twitter feeds and our web histories. With only that in hand, here’s an attempt at comparing the indie veterans, Wanderland, with the plucky indie upstart, GoodVybes. They’re out for your hearts and wallets – where should you go? Here’s a sort-of guide. Of course the line-up announcements will be coming much later. [NB]



The basics Happening on 5 March, likely still at the Globe Circuit Grounds in Makati. Tickets last year cost under PHP 5,000 Happening on 20 February at the Aseana City Open Grounds in Pasay. Three ticket types are available: the cheapest is around PHP 3,000, with VIP passes slightly over PHP 8,000
Festival track record Previous headliners include the Temper Trap, the Drums and Kid Cudi This is a new festival, so we’ve no idea… yet
Organizer track record Karpos Multimedia has brought in Phoenix, Bastille and Bombay Bicycle Club Vybe Productions has brought in Chvrches, Disclosure and Passion Pit… well, almost
Likely crowd Cool kids entering college and dipping their feet into the cooler pool. They wanna be called “wanderers” Cool kids already in the labor force and very much part of the scene. I don’t think they wanna be called “vybers”
Likely line-up Music for the Fort daytime crowd: feels-y stuff, perhaps by a couple of Aussies, slightly obscure Americans, and indie legends, like Nada Surf before. Update: They have announced Death Cab for Cutie on the line-up on Tuesday. Last year we tried to crack the formula Music for the Fort nighttime crowd: indie with a bit of grit, and easy to send to the dance floor. They revealed a French house contingent on Friday, led by Busy P (aka Pedro Winter)
Likely extracurricular activities They’re a “music and arts” festival, so there’s live art… and then there’s painting twigs and sending them to friends This looks like it will be all about the music, although there might be beer pong. Just a hunch
Line-up rumors Rumors of Foals coming by is mostly wishful thinking from that band’s Philippine fan group. Otherwise, we have nothing Chvrches vocalist Lauren Mayberry hinted they’ll return to Manila. Vybe is also following Gorgon City, Haim and… Foals
Local possibilities They’ve had B.P. Valenzuela and the Ransom Collective, and they have an annual competition where local bands win a slot. I will obviously throw Reese Lansangan‘s name in Cheats, I guess?
Line-up predictions What if they brought Beirut in? Wishful thinking: First Aid Kit, but that’s too vintage for their crowd The Haim and Gorgon City thing looks set. Wishful thinking: Courtney Barnett, but that’s too straightforward for their crowd
Bigwig support Globe’s been a sponsor for the past three years, and it’s likely there’ll be a fourth Vybe is also following Smart on Twitter, which makes it obvious there’ll be a big-ass marketing push
Should you go? Only if you like the headliner, I guess Only if you like the headliner, I guess

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