“Summer’s leaving. She’s about to do the same.”

“Summer’s Leaving” by Douglas Firs | This one’s pretty fresh – well, the music video is, although the song itself’s around half a year old. I’ve been rediscovering Belgian radio stations this past week, and this song came up in a couple of them. Douglas Firs (yes, named after the tree) have been around a few years; they released their debut album in 2012, and their follow-up, The Long Answer is No, where this song came from, dropped early this year. It’s, well, a very feels-y sentiment, this. And simple, and yet rousing and all that. You’re on the verge of a big decision and you sing this song, half-heartedly embracing the inevitability. Well, in my case, the big decision was what piece of chicken to get for dinner. Not that it matters, for they were all thighs. [NB]


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