Review: Music Complete by New Order

Music Complete by New OrderNew Order’s been in a state of flux for a few years now. It’s been almost a decade since their last proper studio album, and bassist Peter Hook has left the band. However, keyboardist Gillian Gilbert has returned, and with the help of some pretty big collaborators – Iggy Pop, Brandon Flowers, La Roux‘s Elly Jackson – the band’s latest, Music Complete, is confident and strong. Aimed squarely at the dance floor like their 1989 record Technique, the group manages to side-step expectations and yet stay in their lane. But it’s euphoric and anthemic: it wraps around you nicely, comfortably, and irresistibly. And the solo efforts – opening single “Restless”, “Academic” – are no leftovers too, providing contrast to an album that could soundtrack whatever time of the day. Music Complete is New Order proving they’re not has-beens, and while the route hasn’t been that smooth, the things they picked up along the way has been worth it. [NB] | 4/5

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