“If you don’t buy it now, your friends will all be cooler than you.”

“Mayflower” by Diane Coffee | Again, I’m a sucker for horns. You know that. When I heard this song from Foxygen drummer Diane Coffee (guy, by the way – that’s a screen name), I drifted like a butterfly. (Bad metaphor.) Like Destroyer’s “Dream Lover”, only louder, and very much – very much – about that stupid FOMO thing. It’s short and sweet, and it soars, blasting out there, happy, but infinitely sad. I guess it’s my mindset. I’m having one of those cynical bouts about the nature of this whole scene thing, of “it’s fun for those who were there!” and “unlucky are those who weren’t there!” tweets I’ve seen too much of last week. Anyway, this is off his latest record Everybody’s A Good Dog, released earlier this month. See? not updated. No fear of FOMO, or something. Or maybe not. I am denying all of this ever exists. Why am I blogging about music again? [NB]


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